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MAGIMIX®: bread improvers suited to bread-making applications and methods worldwide…

Magimix bread improvers are recognized by the most demanding professionals around the world. Magimix offers a broad range that provides for balanced combinations of functional ingredients (reducing agents, oxidants, enzymes, ingredients with specific effects and more), to enhance the dough’s performance and the quality of the end product.

A complete line for even more appetizing, high-quality breads…

Magimixbread improvers, the fruit of Lesaffre formulators’ ongoing research, satisfy bakers’ expectations: spring in the oven, faster smoothening of the dough, crumb color, soft texture, freshness, consistency of aeration, etc and the absence of blistering. These principles are able to adapt to the full diversity of flour qualities, bread-making processes and different types of equipment used in bakeries.



Magimix [email protected] has been especially designed for production of all kinds of sweet dough, buns and toast breads. Its performance eases the daily work of the bakers and leads to customer’s satisfaction. .


  • [email protected], improves the machinability of the dough for better handling.
  • Reinforcing the glutinous network and optimizing gas retention, Magimix [email protected] improves the dough tolerance.
  • Offering a better oven spring during baking, Magimix [email protected] provides and exceptional volume to your products .
  • Magimix [email protected] allows you to obtain a better softness, increasing your end- product shelf- lifte.

Level of Usage

From 0.3 to 0.5% on flour weight.

Direction for use

Put Magimix [email protected] in to the flour , add other ingredients and then start mixing.


500g vacuum (1x20pack per carton)


To ensure the best result, store Magimix [email protected] in a cool and dry place (temperature should not exceed 30degree Celsius).

Shelf Life

24 months from production date.