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SAF-INSTANT®, the original: the reference of dry yeasts

Saf-instant, the first instant dry yeast released to market, is the most widely-sold Lesaffre brand in the world. This well-known brand is recognized and appreciated by bakers the world over, to the point of becoming an international reference on the dry yeast market.

1,000 ways to make bread, but only one yeast: Saf-instant

Easy to use and requiring no rehydration, Saf-instant is an instant dry yeast that has proven its value since it was first launched in 1973. Its small, dehydrated vermicelli provide a concentration of performance and simple to use, for it can be poured directly into the mixer. Over time, the Red version, especially suited for no sugar or low sugar dough, was joined by a Gold version, developed for sweet dough (over 5% sugar). The product line designed for household consumption also offers customers yeasts for all types of recipes, including breads, brioches, pizzas and more.